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    Freundschaftsspiele 2007/08

    Fr. 05.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EV Pegnitz   3:6 (2:3,1:2,0:1)

    Sa. 06.10.07   EC Erkersreuth - Wild Boys Chemnitz   7:5 (2:0,2:1,3:4)

    So. 14.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EC Erkersreuth   6:4 (2:0,4:3,0:1)

    So. 21.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - Ice-Rebells Waltershausen   16:4 (8:0,3:2,5:2)

    Fr.  26.10.07   19:45 Uhr   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EHV Schönheide

    Sa. 27.10.07   18:00 Uhr   EHV Schönheide - Wild Boys Chemnitz

    Sa. 10.11.07   19:30 Uhr   Ice-Rebells Waltershausen - Wild Boys Chemnitz

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    Village News

    Road closure - A379 Powderham Arch

    News - Village News

    Written by Karl Walker Wednesday, 05 November 2014 22:13

    South West Highways are looking to undertake Re-profiling works at Powderham Arch, near Kenton on the A379. This work will need to be carried out in two stages, firstly undertaking surveying works followed later in the year by re-profiling.

    The surveying works will be carried out on Sunday 18 January between the hours 08.00 and 16.00.


    It is then anticipated that the re-profiling of this location will start on Monday 30 March for 2 nights. This work would be carried out between the hours of 19.00 and 06.00.


    In order to safely carry out these works, a Road closure and signed diversion route will be in place during working hours. The signed diversion route is illustrated in blue on the map below.

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