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Freundschaftsspiele 2007/08

Fr. 05.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EV Pegnitz   3:6 (2:3,1:2,0:1)

Sa. 06.10.07   EC Erkersreuth - Wild Boys Chemnitz   7:5 (2:0,2:1,3:4)

So. 14.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EC Erkersreuth   6:4 (2:0,4:3,0:1)

So. 21.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - Ice-Rebells Waltershausen   16:4 (8:0,3:2,5:2)

Fr.  26.10.07   19:45 Uhr   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EHV Schönheide

Sa. 27.10.07   18:00 Uhr   EHV Schönheide - Wild Boys Chemnitz

Sa. 10.11.07   19:30 Uhr   Ice-Rebells Waltershausen - Wild Boys Chemnitz

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    Anyone have a spare WiFi Router?

    Articles - Editorial

    wrt54glYou may or may not be aware that Coffee on the Corner has free Wifi! This is provided by Exminster.net as a kind-of public service. Unfortunately, we've been unable to provide the service recently due to various technical issues. For the provision to return, we need a suitable WiFi router. Does anyone have one going spare, that they'd be willing to donate?

    Ideally, we'd like one like the picture (It's a Linksys WRT54) because we're familiar with that model, and it makes it easier to set up and configure, however we'd happily take pretty-much anything! The only thing we know won't work is a BT Home Hub (already tried!).

    If you've got one spare, and are willing to donate it to a worthy cause, please either contact us directly ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 833344) or drop the router directly into Coffee on the Corner.


    Adam (Exminster.net Site Admin)

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