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    Freundschaftsspiele 2007/08

    Fr. 05.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EV Pegnitz   3:6 (2:3,1:2,0:1)

    Sa. 06.10.07   EC Erkersreuth - Wild Boys Chemnitz   7:5 (2:0,2:1,3:4)

    So. 14.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EC Erkersreuth   6:4 (2:0,4:3,0:1)

    So. 21.10.07   Wild Boys Chemnitz - Ice-Rebells Waltershausen   16:4 (8:0,3:2,5:2)

    Fr.  26.10.07   19:45 Uhr   Wild Boys Chemnitz - EHV Schönheide

    Sa. 27.10.07   18:00 Uhr   EHV Schönheide - Wild Boys Chemnitz

    Sa. 10.11.07   19:30 Uhr   Ice-Rebells Waltershausen - Wild Boys Chemnitz

    Love Local Food News - Feb 2nd 2012

    Local Businesses - Love Local Food

    localfoodvanRegular visitors to the shop will have started to notice that our cook is trialling lots of lovely things for you to take back to work or back home. Today on the van there are small pots of creamy kale soup for £1, just right with some crusty bread as a healthy lunch or snack. We've also got some Love Local Food veggie pies for £1.50, pastry made from tasty Clyston Mill wholemeal flour and centre full of shillingford vegetables. Please try them and let us know what you think, if you let the driver know you'll be back with feedback you might even get a special price :-)

    We have beansprouts in the fridge for £1.20 per box. Super-healthy, loads of protein and nutrients for such tiny little things, try some this week in a stirfry or a spicy noodle broth, or even in a vegetable curry. If you're feeling lazy you can grab the Chimans spice blends from between £1.90 and £2.10 which will make cooking up a curry from any veg you have about really easy.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Shillingford eggs are currently only £1.35! These eggs are absolutely beautiful, bright orange yolks and tonnes of flavour so pick some up to try if you havent before while they're such a great price (as they won't be forever!).

    Loads of different flavours of Rod & Ben's soup, lots of cheese, bread and cake, cordials, vinegars, jams, chutneys and tonnes of gorgeous vegetables. Please come and see us and the new shop soon!

    Bye for now

    Cat Kennedy
    Project Manager
    Love Local Food
    Mobile: 07435 963283

    Follow us on Twitter @LLFExeter


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